Make Unsightly Stumps Disappear

Make Unsightly Stumps Disappear

Choose us as your stump grinding company in Wilmington, NC

Stumps can be an unappealing blemish on an otherwise beautiful landscape. On top of that, they pose a variety of risks. Choose Arbor Plus Tree Experts when you need the services of a stump grinding company in Wilmington, NC. Our thorough stump removal services will make it look like that nasty stump was never there. You can also count on us to get rid of the leftover debris once we're finished.

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Is stump removal really necessary?

If you don't mind having a stump in your yard, you might wonder whether paying to remove it is worthwhile. We recommend getting stump removal services because stumps can:

  • Provide a home to numerous pests
  • Act as a breeding ground for harmful fungi
  • Pose a tripping hazard for family and guests

Our stump removal company can grind the stump level with the ground or go a few inches deeper if you prefer. Call 937-926-1210 today if you're ready to get rid of a bothersome stump.